How does it work:

You can afford video marketing.

Professional video production services are not as expensive as you think!

Read on and get ready for a nice surprise!


There are only a few steps to get your very own professional video:

(and we do all of the hard work)



You tell us what you want your video to say and where you want to use it.

This is by far the most important step in the process. The sharper your message, the more effective your video will be. We do have over 20 years of marketing experience, so if you’re not sure, ask: together we’ll get that targeting right!


First Draft

We create a first version for you — no obligation and free of charge.

Just imagine. You run no risk at all. This takes all the guesswork out of ordering. What you see is what you get.



If you like what you see, you pay us, via credit card or bank transfer.

You liked what you saw? Great! Now it’s time to commit. We accept payment in a form that fits the needs of small businesses. We don’t accept cybercurrencies, though. But Paypal or Payoneer are welcome, too.



We adopt any changes you might want to make and produce a final video.

Even if you love the first draft, there’s always something that you might want to change. Be it the music, the titles or the order of the scenes. We’ll create the exact video you have in mind.


Final video

You download your video and use it as you please

The moment has come! Your video is ready and all yours. You can download it and use it in social media, for internal training events, trade fairs, in emails, in your company entrance hall, however you want. You also have the right to change it, shorten it or embed it in other videos you might need at a later time.
The only thing that you can’t do is use it on TV, because the rights of the materials we use (stock scenes and music) don’t allow for that. Should you need a TV ad, talk to us please.



Optional, if you buy one of our full service packages:

We install the final video on your website or on social media accounts of your choice, if you want. Some of our customers don’t want to deal with the technical side of creating the embedding links, or getting the video into just the right size for Instagram, for instance. We’re happy to deliver a turnkey solution!



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